How to go to a supermarket and buy only what you planned to buy

Expository essay example on going to supermarket

Nowadays, most of the people buy food and other stuff in supermarkets. It's quite fast, simple and comfortable because you can find there anything, starting from bread and ending with shirts and trousers. Needless to say that each and every family try to plan their budget. Sometimes after visiting a supermarket, you can be a bit shocked after seeing a sum you spent there. “But I haven't bought anything I don't need!” – you may exclaim. We suggest planning things you are going to buy and this will help to save your money.

Here is a list of short tips you should keep in your memory every time when you are going to the supermarket:

  1. Plan what are you going to buy and write a list. Never put in your basket anything else that is not in the list if you want to be economy! If you are going to the supermarket with kids, learn them how to check the list and don't allow them to out in the cart just anything they see. Some adult people actually buy things in this way, and this method may suit only to rich people who doesn't care how much money they spend for food every month.
  2. Discover the assortment of things or food you want to buy. Many supermarkets offer special discounts on food and clothes, so it's always a good chance to save your money.
  3. Never buy more food you planned. Even if those tuna fish in the can costs less today, don't buy five cans! Supermarkets offer good discounts to make people buy more food than they need. Don't catch this thing!
  4. When you stay in the line to the checkout, there are a lot of shelves with chocolate bars, chewing gums, and other stuff. Be careful there, because those things appear there for a purpose. When people are waiting in the line, they have nothing to do than to look around. They see candies and chocolates, and of course their hand is already stretched there to grab some. You think that you wouldn't take a lot, but if you'd grab a chocolate bar, a couple of chewing gum packs and a pack of fruit candies, you may easily exceed the sum you planned to spend.

Try to follow these tips, and after a while, you may be surprised that you didn't exceed your limit of money for food for the month. Don't forget to reward yourself for being economy with something pleasant – an ice-cream or a pack of your favorite salt cookies would be great!  

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